Marlene Chiappa in Playboy: The Dead Cat Strategy

A new controversy is roiling the world of French politics and media. Marilyn Schiappa will be on the cover of Playboy. The Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy and Associative Life in France presents her vision of women’s rights in 12 pages. Shockingly, she appeared modestly on the cover of Muqat, a magazine that mainly featured nude women.

Puritan spirits are stirred about a woman with this level of power spilling over into a publication that is still seen today “A Donkey Magazine”. For a chosen one – who has written several books on sexism – so he can position himself as a victim, dismiss criticism as hypocritically reactionary, and remember that women are free.

The same goes for Home Secretary Gerald Dorman, who is coming to the rescue and no longer talking about the police violence that has sent so many activists to intensive care. Conversely, Elizabeth Bourne, the minister in charge of the pensions file, is outraged by the disbandment of her colleague at Playboy, but again her reaction momentarily forgets the fiasco of her pension reform.

All this confusion is reminiscent of what the British media call The dead cat strategy, or the dead cat strategy. Boris Johnson explained this diversionary technique. According to the former prime minister, if you throw a dead cat on a table in the middle of a debate, the reactions will be far greater than a simple observation of this type: “Oh, a dead cat”. The same goes for Schiappa. It seemed impossible to provoke reactions on this front “Oh, Schiappa is on the cover of Playboy.”. Was it voluntary? Let’s leave this question alone.

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