New way Ukraine uses to fool Russian drones

For weeks, Ukraine has been deploying fake wooden targets that are largely indistinguishable from real missile systems through the lens of Russian drones. The newspaper says the Russians have already launched a dozen expensive cruise missiles. The Washington Post.

This is one of many tactics used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to respond to a larger and better-armed invading enemy.

How do these fake wooden targets work? Russian drones transmit their target’s location to military ships in the Black Sea, which then fire long-range missiles. “When drones see wooden targets, they think it’s some kind of VIP target.”A Ukrainian official said The Washington Post.

“Russians say they have already disabled more Himars (US missile systems, editor’s note) than we sent to Ukraine”, A US diplomat said. The Pentagon said earlier this month that all 16 HIMARS delivered to Ukraine by the US after the Russian invasion were still operational.

Ukraine is very concerned about the damage they cause on the battlefield and decided to create fake wooden targets that can be used in more places.

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