Netflix aims to be the next big competitor to PlayStation, and it wants Grand Theft Auto

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With the exception of Nintendo, there is no doubt that Sony is the leader in the gaming market – but its position will not go unchallenged. Microsoft recently spent nearly $70 billion on Activision Blizzard in order to bolster its competitive position, while the likes of Amazon and even Apple are eyeing the space with cautious interest. The Japanese giant can’t rest on its laurels, and it looks set to face stiff competition from an unlikely rival as Netflix moves forward.

Those who have signed up to the streaming service will know that members can already download a selection of mobile titles, and according to Wall Street JournalThis catalog is set to become even stronger in the future. The company has been working on big budget adaptations of some of its successful shows, e.g Squid game And Wednesday. In fact, you may recall that the artistic director of the Santa Monica studio was recently hired by the company.

But it won’t end there: According to the aforementioned outlet, Netflix has been in conversation with Take-Two to secure access to the impressively popular Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s unclear if it’s looking to create a new title, or if it simply wants to make previous releases – like San Andreas, for example – available to its subscribers. Either way, if you manage to get any of Rockstar’s titles on their platform, it will be seen as an amazing coup.

Of course, the biggest bottleneck for the competitor at the moment is that it’s not a traditional console, but it’s already exploring streaming technology to help deliver high-end gaming to those who don’t have the required hardware. The organization may have difficulty converting console players, as its titles currently use smartphones as an input method. However, Sony will be monitoring developments closely, as at the end of the day, anything that pulls players away from PlayStation is a problem.

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