NATO transfers its personnel in Ukraine from Kiev to Lviv and Brussels

NATO has shifted its personnel from Ukraine from Kiev to Liv and Brussels in the west of the country to ensure their security, a coalition official told AFP on Saturday.

The safety of our staff is paramount, so staff have been transferred to Liv and Brussels. NATO has offices in Ukraine“A NATO official said he did not provide staff figures.

In anticipation of Russian military action, many Western nations have already relocated their ambassadors from Kiev to the city of Lviv, near the Polish border.

Brussels hosts NATO headquarters.

Everything indicates that Russia is preparing for a full-scale attack on Ukraine

NATO and its allies closely monitor and assess the situation and continue to take all necessary steps.“, A coalition official said.

Everything indicates that Russia is preparing for a full-scale attack on Ukraine“, NATO President Jens Stoltenberg said on Saturday.

We all agree that the risk of attack is very high“, He said on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on the German channel ARD.

The United States dominates NATO U.S. President Joe Biden said Friday.Believed“Russia is going to occupy Ukraine in a weekAnd his forces were to target Kiev.

There is no NATO force in Ukraine

Ukraine is not a member of NATO, and the coalition has no forces there. But since the late 1990s it has had two offices in Kiev: a liaison office and an information and document center.

The purpose of the liaison office is to maintain dialogue between NATO and the Ukrainian government while promoting democratic change in the field of security and defense in Ukraine.

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According to the Coalition’s website, it was created by a civilian leader who leads a mixed group of military and civilians. The site, last updated in 2016, has a total staff of 16 people.

Information and Documentation Center staff were not informed.

His job was to inform the Ukrainian people about NATO and to support the communications of Ukrainian companies.

Mr. Stoltenberg has already stated that he will not stop coalition forces to defend Ukraine against Russian aggression.

But NATO members have sent troops to neighboring NATO member states, and Mr. Stoltenberg said NATO member states would actively pursue any Russian action in those territories under its joint security agreement.

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