Silence from Putin, accusations from relatives, tributes… this is what we know the day after the death of the Russian enemy

People close to Alexeï Navalny described this Saturday, February 17, Russian authorities “Assassins” trying to “Cover Their Tracks” By refusing to hand over his body, the Kremlin remained silent despite Western accusations and tributes to its opponent.

Moscow Journal: “Don't despair”, Navalny's message

The prominent activist, who had been imprisoned for three years, died in a penal colony where he had served 19 years, Russian prison authorities announced in a scathing press release earlier in the day.

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A 47-year-old man was taken to jail after being poisoned. “Pain after walking” and should “Dizzy”, they explained. They assured him that everything had been done to revive him and the causes of death “being set up”.

• Navalny's team accuses Russia of hiding his body

Alexei Navalny's group said authorities are refusing to return his mother's remains, arguing that the cause of her death has not been established. “It's obvious that the killers want to cover their tracks. That's why they didn't hand over Alexei's body, not even to his mother.she wrote in Telegram.

A lawyer for the opponent who came to see the investigators was informed “A New Histological Examination (Carried Out)” And the results “We'll see next week.”wrote Kira Yarmich, a spokeswoman for the deceased. “It is obvious that they are lying and doing everything possible to not hand over the body”She added.

Balalaika, kangaroo and karate, “Navalny clings to every shred of freedom he has.”

The spokesman noted in an online video that the opponent's mother, Lyudmila Navalnaya, accompanied a lawyer to the IK-3 penal colony in the Arctic region of Yamal on Saturday. “Official Document” It was given to him to confirm death.

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“Alexei Navalny Killed”Kira Yarmich accused the exile, like many opponents, of escaping prison. “His death occurred on February 16 at 2:17 pm local time (09:17 GMT) according to an official document”.

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• Extra over obstacles

Despite the harsh crackdown and warnings, hundreds of Russians attended small rallies in several cities this Saturday to pay tribute to this prominent critic of the Kremlin, who died the day before at the age of 47 in an Arctic prison. According to the specialized NGO OVD-Info, since Friday, 231 people have been arrested during these events.

Alexeï Navalny, the man who poisoned the Kremlin

Despite the arrests, Russians marched in several cities this Saturday to lay flowers, particularly at monuments to protesters who suffered political repression during the Soviet era.

At noon on Saturday, about fifteen Muscovites were arrested by police as they gathered at the foot of a monument commemorating Soviet repression, independent Russian media outlet Sota reported.

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• Not speaking from Vladimir Putin

No details have been released since the announcement of Alexei Navalny's death, and Vladimir Putin has not said a word about the passing of this prominent political figure, which should see his death come a month before the March 15-17 presidential election. The Kremlin master was reappointed without any opposition.

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• Western countries condemn the “responsibility” of the regime

Western nations have been unanimous in their condemnation “responsibility” of Russian rule. US President Joe Biden “corruption”accused his Russian counterpart “responsibility”. A message was driven home by all Western leaders.

How Putin Made Navalny His Number One Enemy

The G7 foreign ministers' meeting in Munich observed a minute's silence on Saturday in tribute, the Italian foreign ministry said. Antonio Tajani is the G7 president this year. “Alexey opened a meeting of G7 ministers in Munich by asking his colleagues to observe a minute's silence to pay tribute to Navalny.”The ministry said in a statement. “For his views on freedom and his fight against corruption in Russia, Navalny actually led to his death. Russia must shed light on his death and stop the unacceptable repression of political dissent.”he added.

• Beijing does not comment on “internal Russian affairs”.

For its part, China's foreign ministry declined to comment on Saturday's death in prison of Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin's number one opponent. “Internal Russian Affairs”. “This is an internal Russian matter. I will not comment on it,” he said.A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry responded to an AFP journalist's question.

Amnesty International's Mistake on Alexei Navalny

Beijing and Moscow are staunch allies and have strengthened ties even as the West has turned its back on Russia following Russia's military invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

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