NATO chief calls for increased arms production: 'We must prepare for a conflict that could last decades'

In an interview with a German newspaper on Saturday, the NATO secretary general called on Europeans to increase their arms production and supplies to Ukraine and avoid a confrontation with Moscow.

Less than a week before the meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels on February 15 and 16, Jens Stoltenberg asserted: “We need to rapidly replenish and upgrade our industrial base to increase supply to Ukraine and replenish our own stocks.“.

This represents a shift from slow peacetime production to rapid conflict production.“, Mr. Stoltenberg told the German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

There is no immediate military threat against an ally (of NATO, editor's note). At the same time, the Kremlin continues to make threats against NATO countries“, observed Mr. Stoltenberg.

We must prepare for a conflict that will last for decades

Russia's invasion of Ukraine nearly two years ago underscores that.There was no peace in Europe“, he emphasized the importance of protecting the countries of the Alliance.

As long as we invest in our security and stand united, we will stop aggression“, he said.

NATO is not seeking war with Russia, but we must prepare for a conflict that could last for decades“, he warned.

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