Moroccan miners were drugged and exploited by Algerians

The latter, often arriving in Paris with hopes of a better life, are caught up in a criminal network in the Trocadero, forced to steal drugs and from tourists.

The case dates back to between 2021 and 2022, where more than fifteen minors, some as young as 9, were lured by online videos praising beautiful Paris, according to Actu Paris. They then embark on a perilous journey from Morocco and finally arrive at Trocadero. Because of their Algerian origins, without guidance, the elders are seduced by elders who speak their language, and they quickly fall under their influence.

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To maintain their control, these criminals administer two drugs to minors, Lyrica and Rivotril, which cause dependence and withdrawal. Polydrug-addicted youths have been forced to commit robberies in the Trocadero gardens, targeting tourists.

The management method of these juveniles is distribution of flight zones and close supervision of adults. If non-compliant, adolescents may resort to physical violence or sexual abuse. The loot is recovered in exchange for fresh doses of medicine.

The Hors La Rue Association was alarmed by the plight of these young men and was instrumental in launching an investigation in March 2022. Six Algerians were identified during the investigation and arrested in June 2022. Their trial, on serious charges ranging from drug possession to human trafficking, is scheduled for December 20.

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