At least 115 people were killed according to the latest report, and four suspected attackers were arrested, according to the Kremlin.

Washington had warned Moscow of a possible attack against “large gatherings”.

The US warned of a terrorist attack targeting Russia in March “Great Gatherings” In Moscow, the White House said Friday, hours after an attack at a concert hall near the capital killed more than 60 people.

“Earlier this month, the US government had information about a planned terrorist attack in Moscow that would target large gatherings, including concerts, and Washington shared this information with Russian authorities.”said Adrian Watson, a spokesman for the US National Security Council.

According to Mme Watson, a policy long used by Joe Biden's administration “Duty of Caution” The United States notifies target countries when it receives intelligence about specific threats of kidnapping or assassination.

The US Embassy in Russia, for its part, warned its citizens two weeks ago “Moscow is closely following reports that militants have immediate plans to target large gatherings, including concerts.”.

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