Matt Hardy says Jeff Hardy could return to AEW in 6-8 weeks

Matt Hardy

Jeff could come back in AEW

…in 6-8 weeks

Matt Hardy optimistic about his brother, Jeffwill be returning to AEW sometime soon… saying the wrestling star is in great shape and taking care of himself during his time away from the squared circle.

Matt provided an update on Jeff — who was posed last week in a photo with a fan in North Carolina — during a conversation with fellow AEW wrestler Ishia Qassidi …as he confirmed that his brothers are recovering from their recent eye surgery.

“His eyes were a little lined up, probably because of the wear and tear on his body,” Matt said. They had to operate on some ligaments and tendons in one of his eyes.

So they corrected that [with] Surgery, and they said maybe in five or six weeks, he’ll be fine.”

As we previously reported, Jeff has found himself in some trouble outside the ring lately – he sent a script No contest call In his DUI case in February…and he was given 38 days credit for the jail time he’s already served.

AEW pinned Jeff following his win DUI arrest Last June…but Matt believes Jeff’s hard work outside the ring puts him in position to make a comeback in the coming months.

“You guys keep your fingers crossed,” Matt said. “Maybe six or eight weeks from now, we hope to see some Jeff Hardy in AEW.”

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