Martha Stewart cancels Thanksgiving dinner

Photo: Nathan Congleton/Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

Thanksgiving has been cancelled. No, they didn’t find the old Eid tweets; Martha Stewart doesn’t want to do that this year. The 82-year-old flight attendant was gone The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday to make her big statement. “I’ve given up Thanksgiving,” Stewart announced. “Right, sister!”

Thanksgiving is the holiday most associated with Martha’s brand, so what prompted her to give it up? Could it be that you’ve finally realized that even a 24-hour brine can’t make a turkey taste better than a roasted chicken? Maybe she saw Moonflower Killers And he’s not bothered by how we’ve mischaracterized our relationship with Native Americans? Or maybe it’s just a classic case of discord with your family? Place your bets now. It’s time for the big reveal…

“Nine guests canceled because one of them got sick,” Stewart told Clarkson. “So I called my chef friend and said, ‘We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.’” Not only did nine people peel, but Stewart has already cooked enough turkeys this year to keep anyone away from the stuff.

“I’ve also cooked about 14 turkeys for my TV show, and I still have to cook another turkey a day.” today Stewart said. “So we can forget it.”

Instead, Stewart will strike fear into the hearts of her closest friends by attending a single training session. “I’ll go to about five different houses to taste different dishes,” the home business mogul said. Send your thoughts and prayers to the women of Bedford, NY. Their entire social standing depends on their green bean dish.

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