6am News – Weather in France: After record rain, conditions improve in Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle

Good news in the sky: the situation is improving in Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle. Both departments have reverted to an orange flood watchPost-record rainfall: On Saturday, a month’s worth of rain fell in some places in 24 hours. Pass-rin – It never fulfilled the red warning – “Storm rain (which) can occur even in saturated or flooded soils” is in the orange flood warning, Météo France noted in its bulletin at 10pm on Saturday.

The Bureau of Meteorology has not announced any severe weather for this Sunday. In Bouzonville (Moselle), residents anxiously scan the clouds. Among those following the minute-by-minute situation is bar owner Rita Republic. Between its terrace and the beginning of the completely submerged area below, is not more than fifty meters.

The return of clarity reassured him a little. “It has dropped 30, even 50 centimeters in the space of two and a half hours, I can see the residents’ garage door and the trail of moisture,” he explained on RTL. And to continue: “Obviously, I was a bit stressed, but now, it’s not raining and it’s a bit reassuring to see it going down. Hoping it doesn’t rain again.”

A little further down, Bruno wasted no time in his cellar operating the equipment given to him by friends. “We started pumping with three pumps in the cellars, which were almost two meters high. We were lucky, with only archiving or small equipment.” When the water level drops significantly, man knows: all the reserves go into the trash. For those who have stored equipment, the damage can be very high!

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