Marine Le Pen: “If I win, my father will be in Elise.”

Marine Le Pen, the candidate for the National Round in the second round, answered questions from BFM television in a lengthy live interview this afternoon. First, is she ready to lead a country? “I have been elected for decades. We did not know Macron when he came to Elysee,” he immediately introduces the extremist candidate.

If the French chose her, who would she work with? “If the French choose me, it’s because they do not want this within themselves, and because the French want to run the country for them. I do not want to give them a government with McKinsey’s technicians, I want policies.”She insists. “I will not tell you who I am or my prime minister, and no one will. But it will be a politician, a group leader who respects the consistency of my plan.”

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