Map. Pollen allergy: France in red, only one sector is resistant

By the end of May, almost all of France was in the red at risk of pollen allergies. The first bulletin for June shows a situation of no improvement.

It was rare to appear in departments already Not in red Last May Bulletin of National Aerobiological Monitoring Network. Expires June 1st No sign of improvement…

One in yellow!

The situation is simple: all sectors of France and Corsica are red. All… except one. Indeed, Finistère Works exceptionally well. This is the only territory in France that does not turn red, but yellow. As a reminder, Red This means that the predicted health impact of pollen is determined Student. This is the maximum level. Yellow corresponds to the mean level, Green At a lower level and White At zero level.

The latest map published by the RNSA shows all of France except Finistère in red.
National Aerobiological Monitoring Network – Screenshot

And for Occitania?

So Occidental has no suspense, Classified as purely red Pollinating grasses justify this awareness. For certain regions, other pollinators should be monitored because They are at the yellow level, therefore, a forecast effect is considered average. Here it is by regions:

  • Card : oak, olive tree
  • Ad : oak, olive tree
  • Herald : oak, olive tree
  • Eastern Pyrenees : oak, olive tree

In all other fields of the region, there are only red grasses, and No yellow.

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