Jerry Turner confirms what Kendall Jenner saw on his phone

Kendall Jenner He knows how to keep the secret of the Bible.

Jerry Turner I learned this first hand when… Kris Jenner She invited him to have dinner with her and the model – A Bachelor’s Superfan – During its inaugural season of Golden Bachelor It was broadcast. in Teaser for the next episode to Kardashians, the 28-year-old said in her confession that she “saw some things I wasn’t supposed to see” on Jerry’s cellphone. So what exactly happened to Kendall?

A major spoiler for the series, according to Jerry.

The Bachelor Nation member explained TMZ In an interview published on June 4, during dinner, Kendall and Kris took his phone to call his daughter Engy– who is a huge fan of theirs – at which point he saw Kendall Golden Bachelor Racer Teresa Nest She is saved as a contact, and he reveals to them that she is the one he will eventually propose to in the season finale.

Fortunately, Kendall and Kris kept the news quiet, and Jerry made it clear that he wasn’t too upset about finding out. Instead, he was more focused on the great time they all had, saying that they were “inclusive, generous, warm, friendly and personable,” and that they ended the night by watching an episode of Golden Bachelor In the family home theater.

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