Mallory Cupci received her first Michelin Star and France’s Young Chef of the Year award

This is the baptism for Mallory Kapsey. At 26, the former Belgian candidate A great cook It won its first star in the Michelin Guide for its eponymous restaurant, which opened in Paris (28, rue des acacias) in April 2022 and is one of the 44 new stars of the year. In addition to this distinction, Ixellois received the Young Chef Prize. It was presented to him by Michelin president Florent Menegaux. “I was so moved and it touched me so muchMallory Cupsey takes her jacket off at the awards ceremony. I would like to thank all my team members who work with me. We’re doing a great job, and that’s up to you, and this award is for them..” Admitting that he had not prepared the text, the young man concluded with these words: “And long live the kitchen!

The year has been off to a good start for Belgium, who have had a good run since the eleventh season. A great cook He finished as a semi-finalist. Acolyte of Philip Etzebest Kitchen dream On RTL-TV and M6, Mallory Kapsy now lives between Brussels and Paris, where her restaurant “Mallory Kapsy” is a hit.

For his part, Michael Sarran, former juror A great cook, lost two of its stars. “Ego wins. A tough time to live in a restaurant. There are people who support me, who love me, and Michelin is not going to change that. Yesterday, I admit, I had a few tears. I have owned these two stars for 20 years. But you have to accept it“, announced the transferred, Toulouse chef to BFMTV.

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