Maëlys Case – Day 1: “Nordalin’s mother has immeasurable difficulty”, Christian Lelandois breathes

Christiane Lelandais, the mother of Nordahl Lelandais, said on Monday that she no longer had the “right to live” and was “insulted everywhere” by the death of her son, little Maëlys.

“Being the mother of Nordal Lelandois is an immeasurable difficulty, we are rejected everywhere, we are despised everywhere, I have no right to live,” Christian Lelandois declared before the Isère court, which is judging his son. From Monday.

“If I stand still, I have children and grandchildren, but I have no right to live, no right to smile, no right to do anything.”He continued at the end of his testimony, during which the 73-year-old retiree was on fire for more than an hour.

Called to react later, Nordal Lelandois considered the questions he had asked his mother and his estranged sister before to be “difficult.” “Sometimes, ‘Why do you love your son?’ I feel like they are being judged. This is a difficult question. “ Lamented that. Her estranged sister was recently asked what she wanted to say to the accused: “I’m here”.

Nordahl Lelandais had to answer before the death of little Maëlys De Araujo, who went missing during a wedding party in August 2017, and admitted to killing him “accidentally” according to him.

He faces up to 20 years in prison for the murder of young soldier Arthur Noyer, who has already been sentenced to life in prison in Chambery in May 2021.

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