Madonna celebrates “All Dads” with a comprehensive Father’s Day message — a painting

Madonna’s Father’s Day message is a thoughtful, all-encompassing tribute that truly celebrates “all the dads out there.”

“Happy Father’s Day. Every Dad out there!!! She, Him, They and Them!!” Madonna wrote on Instagram Sunday afternoon (June 18), making sure not to leave out anyone who identifies as a dad on their special day.

“But most of all to my dad – Silvio – who once told me he would go until the wheels fall off!!” she added in a caption to a post including a new selfie and an adorable photo of her dad, Silvio Ciccone.



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Watch the latest videos, charts and news

“Thank you for your relentless work ethic and your love and refusal to spoil me anywhere,” said Madonna, who currently has two pop hits — “Popular” and “Vulgar” — and will soon embark on her career-spanning celebration tour. “You taught me how to be a survivor! Forever grateful. But also really tired……xxxxxxxx.”

Two years ago, Madonna echoed that sentiment when she shared memories of visiting Silvio’s vineyard with her six children on his 90th birthday.

She captioned the post at the time: “My dad is a survivor, he grew up as an Italian immigrant in the US and lives through many traumas but always works hard for everything he has.” “Teach me the importance of working hard and earning one’s way in life… Once again thank you.”

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