Will Ferrell to reprise role of Ron Burgundy in Tom Brady’s ‘The Greatest Roast of All Time’ on Netflix

Will Ferrell appeared in Greatest roast of all time: Tom Brady And he reenacted it Announcer The role of Ron Burgundy.

The “number one news anchor in San Diego” took to the stage at the Kia Forum to roast Brady.

“Oh my God, this guy is amazing,” Burgundy said. “I’ve seen him on TV before but in person, a Chihuahua.”

Burgundy had to tell himself to “get it together” as he was fascinated by Brady’s physical appearance, adding: “He makes you question your sexuality. Stop looking at him. You’re here to make fun of him, not to fall in love. Focus!”

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“Tom, obviously everyone here loves you,” Burgundy said moments after his failed attempt to lead an anti-Brady chant. “I love you, though it may be just lust. It may be love, and we’ll never know.”

Burgundy continued, “I can’t wait to have you there on Fox Sports commentating the game you loved, playing for the Raiders in the playoffs, coaching the Patriots, or whatever you want. He does.”

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“I mean, let’s be honest,” Burgundy added. “Your best years are behind you, Tom. Super Bowls, Gisele, your movie career, it’s all over, it’s all over. But we won’t forget you, you’ll always be remembered as Eli Manning’s bitch. Don’t let that get you down, Tom.”

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Burgundy then said: “Only one guy hates you,” before introducing his former Patriots coach, Bill Belichick.

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