Macron launches his “major political initiative”: “All this creates incomprehensibility”

It’s back-to-school time in France, including politicians. President Emmanuel Macron is setting the pace immediately. At 3 pm this Wednesday, he gathered in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) the leaders of the majority and opposition parties represented in Parliament. They debated and chatted for 12 hours in a relaxed atmosphere, without reporters or cell phones. On the menu for this meeting: internationalization, institutional reform and national integration.

This closed-door meeting resulted in a commitment from the president: organizing a community conference on low wages. The agreement in principle responds to the demands of the left and the trade unions. According to Modem boss François Peyrou, the head of state also accepted.“A Great Democratic Conference on Institutions, Voting”. Regarding the referendum on immigration, favored by the right and far-right, Emmanuel Macron first proposed to deepen the debate on Article 11 of the Constitution, which governs referendums, and today, its intended use excludes the issue of migration.

Macron warns of the “danger of weakening” Europe and the West

The enthusiasm of the majority, the disappointment of the opposition

After this first meeting, the majority of the members were very enthusiastic. On the opposition side, party leaders, both left and right, have expressed their disappointment and skepticism.

“It is true that there is little concrete at presentAnalyzes Bruno Gautres, editor of Sciences Po Paris and CNRS researcher at the Center for Political Research in Sciences Po (Chevyboef). Then there are some because it’s the start of a new presidential bid. We have to see how the political groups will digest all this, will they go back to their officers and their activists, will they formulate a strategy…”

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Bruno Gautres sees both positive and negative aspects in this “A major political effort” In the words of the Head of State. “As always with Emmanuel Macron, we see “At the same time,” slips the political scientist. The idea that the executive can discuss key issues peacefully with all political groups is certainly a plus. Multiplicity of negative point vectors, discussion forums, which are not provided for in our constitution and have no clear connection with our institutions. What is their justification? Representatives and senators are paid by our taxes to think, to decide. Later, all this creates incomprehension among citizens. We no longer know who will decide what.

Budget 2024, law on immigration,… back to school for Emmanuel Macron.

Macron seeks to give meaning to his second term

For the political scientist, this first meeting in Saint-Denis is a sign of a president looking for a second wind. “He has indicated that he does not have an absolute majority and the horizon for the end of his political career is beginning to take shape. He no doubt notices the impasses he finds himself in. He thereby seeks to make sense of his second mandate, seeking a way to make a mark in history. He said in a recent interview point He wants us to preserve the image of a president who made the French more proud of themselves.

All those involved in the first meeting in Saint-Denis agreed to meet again in a similar setting. For now, they are waiting to receive a report written by Emmanuel Macron, who served as secretary and took notes in the absence of collaborators at the meeting.

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