War in Ukraine: Why attacks on Russian recruitment centers have redoubled

According to British intelligence, these attacks have doubled in the past six months, Head Ladsday News reported. In fact, officials have reported 113 attacks since July 26, 2023, compared to 220 since the invasion of Ukraine began. According to British intelligence, this increase may be due to “a greater sense of discontent among the Russian population with regard to the war, especially among those who are being mobilized in the second wave of mobilization”. The intelligence agency also noted that “some of the suspects have been charged with terrorism and sedition.”

As the front falters, Ukraine and Russia are doing amazing things

For the British, many fear that Vladimir Putin lied by promising that there would be no third wave. “The attacks often signal a lack of faith in this promise,” the intelligence agency said.

For his part, the director of the Russian intelligence service (SVR) blames those responsible for the attacks on behalf of the West, but the British deny this assertion.

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