These enthusiasts want to spray Taylor Swift’s private jet, but have the wrong device

After the prehistoric site of Stonehenge, environmental group Just Stop Oil, with controversial actions, targeted private jets on the tarmac of Stansted International Airport near London this Thursday, June 20, 2024, hoping to find Taylor Swift’s plane. reportsFrench media agency (AFP).

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Both activists were arrested

At around 5am (4am GMT), two activists, aged 22 and 28, unfazed, cut through the fence of the busy airport north-east of the British capital to enter the area where several private jets fly. As they entered, activists sprayed orange paint-filled bombs at two planes before being arrested.

Just Stop Oil said one of the planes grounded in the area was American star Taylor Swift, who is due to perform in London on Friday and later this week and has been criticized for traveling on a private jet. But if his plane had been at the airport hours before, according to Just Stop Oil, he was not there at the time of the intrusion, police said.

Essex Police said the activists were arrested within minutes of entering the site. “Airport and flights are operating as usual”. They are suspected of “criminal damage and obstruction of the use or operation of national infrastructure,” it said in its press release.

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Most polluting popularity

Two years ago, before the start of his monumental “Eras” tour, marketing agency Yard classified him. “This Year’s Most Polluting Celebrity”170 flights in seven months.

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In a press release from Just Stop Oil, one of the activists arrested on Thursday called out casteism “Billionaires who don’t care about living conditions, live in luxury and fly on private jets” Millions of people are affected by the effects of the climate crisis. “Passengers using private jets are responsible for 14 times more CO2 emissions than traveling on a commercial airline”Environment group added.

Just Stop Oil aims to end the exploitation of fossil fuels by 2030. For its spectacular and controversial activities, especially in museums, during sporting events or during performances, its activists are sentenced to prison terms.

Sprayed works of art

On Thursday, two octogenarians were due to appear in a London court for vandalizing a display case in May protecting a copy of Magna Carta, the founding text of modern democracy, on display at the British Library in London. They were charged with “criminal damage” and released on bail pending this trial.

On Wednesday, activists sprayed paint made from cornstarch on the monoliths of Stonehenge, a prehistoric site known for standing stones that form a series of mysterious circles. Wiltshire Police arrested two men Damage to the monument is suspectedAnd the move was condemned by British political representatives from all sides, particularly Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his Labor rival Keir Starmer.

The outgoing Conservative government, with strong winds against Just Stop Oil’s stabbing actions, has tightened the law governing the right to protest in recent years in an attempt to curb these activists’ actions, without much success.

“No visible damage”

The director of the English Heritage Society, which is responsible for managing the site, made the announcement on Thursday BBC There seemed to be “No visible damage” On the cleaned monoliths directly after the action of enthusiasts.

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The latter “It is difficult to understand and we are deeply saddened by this vandalism.”, added Nick Merriman. He also noted that the site will be open to the public from Thursday and Friday for the solstice. The famous ensemble aligns with the axis of the sun during the solstices, and the event attracts thousands of curious people and new druids every year on June 21.

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