Bella Montoya, 76, from Ecuador, woke up in her coffin in the middle of a funeral.

A video posted on Twitter a week ago showed Bella Montoya, 76, inside an open coffin and breathing heavily, surrounded by two men coming to her aid.

Her “left hand hit the walls and her hand was shaking,” her son Gilbert Balbaran said in another video posted by local media. The local press later spoke of a “resurrection”.

“My mother is on oxygen. His heart is steady. The doctor pinched her hand and she responded,” Mr. Balbaran explained. Ms Montoya was pronounced dead on June 9 at a general hospital in the coastal city of Babahoyo in the country’s southwest.

According to the Ministry of Health, Ms Montoya was hospitalized with suspected stroke and “suffered cardio-respiratory arrest unresponsive to resuscitation maneuvers, after which the doctor on duty confirmed her death”.

But when her son “simply” asked that his mother be alive and by his side now, the joy of finding her was short-lived, as the 76-year-old finally died a week later. Report of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health. For his part, his son said he would file a complaint.

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