United States: Mass layoffs after new Republican board of directors is appointed

The Republican National Committee's Board of Directors was recently renewed. The council is now chaired by Michael Whatley, the party's chairman in North Carolina (Southeast) and the daughter-in-law of the Republican nominee, Laura Trump. The New York Times reveals that more than 60 team members from policy, communications and data departments have been fired. Of these members, five will be part of the senior management.

Trump is making his cousin the Republican leader

Sean Cairncross, the RNC's new operations director, explained in a letter that party leadership is “evaluating the structure and staff to ensure the building is aligned with its prospects.” “During this process, some employees are asked to resign and reapply for a position in the team”, he continues.

According to Politico magazine, an informant close to the Trump campaign and the committee said the purpose of the maneuver was “”Bureaucracy” within the Republican National Committee. It shows the ongoing connection between Donald Trump's campaign and the Republican Party, which has gradually taken over the party following his Super Tuesday victory.

The Washington Post describes the party's dire financial situation as a “Low cash flow, $8.7 million”. “Democratic Camp”24 million dollars in its treasury”. Republican National Committee”At a crucial moment, in the middle of a crucial election campaign”.

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