Live – War in Ukraine: Russian civil aviation on the brink of collapse? A disturbing report from the Federal Air Transport Agency

Would taking a plane to Putin’s country look like Russian chic? According to some documents of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia), yes. Hackers got their hands on these computer files and shared them with various intelligence services, including Ukraine. Rosaviatsia, which is responsible for listing accidents and other incidents and their causes and effects, has reported a tripling of accidents in the first nine months of the year. Lack of maintenance of aircraft and lack of spare parts due to Western economic sanctions is the main reason.

Meanwhile, the Russian parliament passed a budget for 2024 that increases military spending to one-third of total government spending. Russian independent media Medusa reported. It just lacks the Kremlin master’s signature to make it work. In doing so, the costs of war in Ukraine will for the first time exceed those earmarked for social welfare in a country whose population has been hit hard by alarming inequality and Western economic sanctions.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he wanted to think about how to end “the tragedy in Ukraine,” he said during a virtual G20 summit on Wednesday. Other participants in the meeting were Mr.

Military operations are always a tragedy“, said the Russian president during his first statement to the G20 since the start of his invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Vladimir Putin took the opportunity to accuse Ukraine of obstructing peace talks, which he has never denied. Kiev. To withdraw Russian troops as a condition for any peace talks. demands that

Vladimir Putin wanted to draw attention to the Gaza Strip, asking other participants if they were not shocked by the large number of civilian deaths in the Palestinian Territory.

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Russia has not attended previous G20 summits, notably at the last meeting in New Delhi in September, where it was represented by its foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov.

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