France: Elizabeth Bourne appointed Prime Minister

Polytechnic, Elizabeth Bourne, Passed since 2017 Transportation through environmental changeOne of the left-wing supporters of the government and known for its toughness and efficiency.

She is a Chief of the Poitou-Charentes region from 2013 to 2014Then From 2014 to 2015 he was the Chief Executive Officer of Sekoline Royal in the Ministry of EnvironmentBefore picking President of the RATP Up to her Joined the government in 2017.

His name has been mentioned ever since Emmanuel Macron was re-elected on April 24. The president has said he wants a self-proclaimed prime minister.Social, environmental and productive“.

It contains the culture of the state, region and institution“And proven”Its ability to make reforms“, Underlined Elise.”Ecological change is at the heart of its commitment“And its”Left-wing woman with social involvement, especially for young people, training and youth engagement contract“.

In addition, Elizabeth Bourne “Together with the President from the beginning he promised in the heart of the majority“, By joining LREM In 2017She added.

The formation of the government must take place now. “Days to come“This was pointed out by the President’s entourage.

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