LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russia shoots down two Ukrainian drones targeting Moscow

As such attacks targeting the Russian capital are on the rise, Russian air defenses shot down two fighter jets that flew towards Moscow early Wednesday morning, the mayor of the Russian capital.

Notably, two fighter drones attempted to enter the city. Both were shot down by air defenses. One in Domodedovo region (South of capital, editor’s note) Second on the Minsk highway section“, said in a telegram from Sergei Sobyan, west of Moscow, without specifying the origin of the attack.”There are currently no reports of casualties in connection with the falling machinery.He added that emergency services are at the scene.

Ukrainian drone strikes have multiplied in recent weeks on Russian territory, mostly targeting Moscow and the annexed Crimean peninsula. Russia said on Monday it had shot down a Ukrainian drone in the Kaluga region, 200 km southwest of Moscow, after destroying seven more in the same area on Thursday. On Sunday, Sergey announced that a drone targeting the capital city of Sobyan had been shot down by air defense forces.

Officials said Moscow suffered several drone strikes last week, including one that damaged an office building in the main business district, which was targeted over two days.

On Tuesday, the Russian military said it had targeted a Ukrainian military command center in Pokrovsk, eastern Ukraine, and Kiev blamed shelling on civilian buildings, killing nine and wounding 82, according to the latest assessment by President Zelensky on Tuesday evening.

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