Two of the 10 best Christmas city trips in Europe are Belgian cities

There are two Belgian cities on or before the year-end holidays.

In the process Seasonal searches, hotel costs, restaurant choices and social media popularity will inspire you for your next festive vacation. jumping They have established a list of the 10 most attractive European cities for a short weekend of Christmas magic. Brussels and Bruges are part of the list at number 4 and 5 among the most honorable places.

In 2023, Google recorded almost 10,500 searches for the term “Brussels December” and 37,600 searches for the expression “Brussels Christmas”. For Bruges, there are 7,550 searches for “Bruges December” and 57,800 for “Bruges Christmas”.

When it comes to Christmas markets, Belgium has nothing to be ashamed of, and in Brussels, there are more than 200 rooms between the Grand-Place, The Bourse, which stretches over 2 km and attracts 2.5 million visitors every year. Place Sainte-Catherine and the fish market. The small, Winter Glow Christmas Market in Bruges offers a warm and intimate festive atmosphere, making it a popular family get-together at this time of year.

Brussels Christmas markets have received 1.6 million views on TikTok and nearly 3,000 posts on Instagram, while the one in Bruges has 98,700 views on TikTok and nearly 3,000 posts on Instagram.

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