LIVE – Israel-Gaza war: Two hostages freed by Hamas, Blinken puts pressure on Netanyahu

A ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas was extended for a seventh day at the last minute on Thursday, requiring the release of new hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. The Israeli military released a statement saying the “operational suspension” would “continue” “in light of efforts by mediators to continue the process of releasing hostages in Gaza”.

Effective for four days from November 24 and now extended until Friday, the ceasefire has already helped free 70 Israeli hostages and 210 Palestinian prisoners. In addition, thirty foreigners, mostly Thais working in Israel, were released outside the framework of this agreement. Humanitarian aid has also been able to reach the Gaza Strip, which has been besieged and devastated by seven weeks of bombing.

However, this Thursday morning, two people were killed and eight wounded, five of them critically, in a shooting attack by two “terrorists” against a bus stop in Jerusalem, Israelis. Two attackers were “neutralized”.

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