Lina’s disappearance: A teenager says a man approached her twice

Lina, 15, has been missing for a week in Alsace. Fresh searches were carried out on Friday. Investigators are favoring certain leads, particularly a specific vehicle. In the process, a teenage girl said she was approached twice by a man.

New twist in Lina’s disappearance in Alsace (France). According to BFMTV, a 14-year-old girl named Karin and a resident of the village of La Plaine says she was approached twice by a man. It was a week before Lena went missing: the first time was on Monday, September 18 at 6:30 p.m., when she was coming home from school. BFMTV writes that someone in a car honked at the teenager several times.

The second time was three days later: Thursday, September 21 morning. Kareen’s father explained to BFMTV that his daughter was on her way to the bus stop to go to college. “The gray Citroen wanted to come to him and open the door.”

Still no sign of Lena

Lina, for her part, went missing on Saturday, September 23 while en route to the station in Strasbourg. A week has passed and there is still no trace of the 15-year-old girl. So far, no citizen search and search operations have been found.

For some, it was more a question of clearing doubts than providing real leads. This Friday, on the other hand, investigators conducted targeted operations. In particular, they have a Renault Clio in their sights, dark blue or gray in color. A witness reportedly saw a car matching the description of where Lena’s phone was last hit and matching the time of her disappearance.

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After analysis, six vehicles are currently in view. Problem: This path comes up against a major difficulty. The model is very widespread. It is the fourth best-selling car in French automobile history. However, the police did not have any information about the license plate.

Verification of evidence

Racking is complete. It’s now a question of verifying evidence, cross-referencing images from surveillance cameras, verifying leads and ruling out fakes. In recent hours, gendarmes searched a home for young boys housed in Bellefoues. They went to several buildings looking for possible caches. But nothing yet.

At the site, the atmosphere is increasingly heavy. “There was a terrible feeling throughout the village“, says our special correspondent Arnaud Gabriel.

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