USA: Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives

Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives from Friday to Saturday, ending a process marked by extremely strong tensions in Republican ranks.

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has The force of negotiations finally agreed with the troopers who blocked the appointment of the fifty-year-old from California. They ended an impasse in Congress that was unprecedented in more than 160 years, setting up the most agitated debates in the US Congress over the next two years.

But the finale is not without its last ditch.

These free electrons sustained the suspense till the end, blocking the candidacy of the elected official in the last 14th vote, causing a real chaos in half a cycle.


Kevin McCarthy then walked up to a group of Trump supporters, pointing fingers of blame. Amidst the uproar, the Congress clerk appealed to the elected officials to remain calm.

This hard core of elected conservatives, who accuse elected officials of bowing to the interests of the establishment in Washington, took advantage of the narrow Republican majority that won November’s midterm elections.

They eased the pressure only after receiving substantial assurances — including a process aimed at easing the “speaker’s” ouster.

Nancy Pelosi was replaced

Finally elected, Kevin McCarthy replaced Democrat Nancy Pelosi as “Speaker”. Emerging weak from this election, it presents a very difficult mandate.

President Joe Biden on Saturday congratulated Republican Kevin McCarthy on his election to the House of Representatives, calling on him to “govern responsibly and in the interests of the American people.”

“I am willing to work with Republicans as much as possible, and voters have made it clear that they expect Republicans to be willing to work with me,” he said in a statement. It is time to govern responsibly, he added.

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