Lifetime documentary sparks lawsuit and angers fans; Where it can be watched streaming for free on demand

If you have not yet watched Al-Hayat Channel's documentary series “Where is Wendy Williams?“, You may also have missed the media frenzy that ensued. Williams' court-appointed legal guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, filed a lawsuit over the documentary, calling the series “exploitative,” saying she was portrayed in a “degrading and degrading manner.” In court files.

• If you haven't seen it yet, you can Watch Where is Wendy Williams for life for free with Philo (Free trial) or With DirectTV stream (Free trial). To get a sneak peek, check out the teaser video available below.

Consisting of four episodes that aired on Lifetime over two nights on February 24 and 25, “Where is Wendy Williams?” Still Available to watch streaming on demand. Despite losing the initial battle to keep the show from airing, Williams' legal guardian is still trying to remove him from streaming and TV services as the lawsuit continues. Since its airing, both Wendy Williams fans and the media have criticized the series in the wake of Williams' attack. Aphasia and frontotemporal dementia He snorted.

Some of these fans She took to social media to Express their dissatisfaction about what some believe is a lifetime of exploitation of a “vulnerable” woman, including some awkward moments where Williams gets emotional or angry and whiny. Being insulting towards personal assistants And others around it. Others took advantage To celebrate Williams And focus on the career you've built over the years.

While filming the series, Williams clearly showed signs of weakness. However, producers are said to have been unaware of the diagnosis, which is a neurological condition that affects her ability to communicate and understand others. This diagnosis also reportedly came after she agreed in November 2022 to participate in the series. Further complicating her mental condition is Williams' history of alcohol abuse, which precipitated or at least contributed significantly to her condition.

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Is there more Where's Wendy Williams news? What's the latest?

• if you want Read more about the lawsuit Filed by Wendy Williams' guardian, you can see more arguments and claims made in court thanks This collapse of the exposed lawsuit From People magazine.

• Wendy Williams' ex-husband Kevin Hunter She seeks two years of unpaid spousal supportaccording to an application filed with the New Jersey Supreme Court on March 12.

• Adding to Williams' financial woes is the former talk show star He reportedly owes more than $500,000 in federal taxes Which were not paid in 2019 and 2021.

If you're looking for more history on who Wendy Williams is and what she's accomplished in her career, the Lifetime documentary Where's Wendy Williams isn't the only report or special on Wendy Williams' life over the past two years. Here's a look at where you can find more:

• If you can't get enough of Wendy Williams, you can always watch her most popular documentary of 2021, “Wendy Williams: The Movie,” another Lifetime production in which Wendy Williams reveals the highs and lows she has experienced over the years.

• in “Wendy Williams: What a mess!“, the former talk show host and celebrity gossip expert chronicles both the joys and indignities of her childhood life in this 2021 special, which includes details about her divorce and infamous celebrity feuds. If you've signed up to watch any of the movies above, this one is too Lifetime production means you can always Watch it streaming for free on Philo.

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• Not necessarily a show, but rather Wendy Williams' brother Tommy Williams has a YouTube channel He provides updates about his sister and his private life. It's a great follow-up if you want to follow the latest events in the life of Wendy Williams and her family.


when: By demand, the four-part documentary series premiered over two nights on February 24 and 25.

TV channel: life

Watch the live broadcast online: You can Watch this Lifetime original on demand for free with Philo (Free trial) or With DirectTV stream (Free trial).

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