Libertine Club, SMS, Hotel, …: Here Are the Elements of Rape Investigation Targeting Gerald Dorman

Here are the details of the rape allegations against French Interior Minister Gérald Dorman that were challenged on Tuesday by his sacking in July, according to investigative sources obtained by AFP.

2009 evening

In March 2009, Sophie Patterson-Spotts, 37, went to the UMP (which became LR) of which she is a member, asking for support to review the 2005 blackmail and malicious calls to a former colleague.

Gerald Dormanin, 26, in charge of legal affairs, promises “inform”. A few days later they have dinner together, then go to the Parisian libertine club “Candles“, and then in a hotel they have sex.
Later this evening, Gerald Dorman’s insistence on seeing Mrs Patterson-Spotts again, he urgently requests a copy of a “letter” in support of his request for a review of his sentence.

Hide the facts

After receiving the chancellor’s response in 2010, the transfers effectively stopped. Plaintiff described “He hid the facts“In the years that followed, (she) was unknowingly raped”.
Mrs. Patterson-Spotts”to explode” In 2017, when Gerald Dorman was sworn in as minister, he filed a complaint of “rape”. He revealed the allegation on radio on January 15, 2018. Twice, he concluded the trial, first with Ms. Patterson-Spotts did not respond to the summons and later held that she did not establish her lack of consent.
In 2018, he sought the appointment of a trial judge.

Holding the preliminary inquiry sufficient, the First Magistrate refuses to reopen the enquiry. This was contradicted by the Paris Court of Appeal after a two-year procedural battle. A new judge, appointed in mid-2020, dismissed the case last July. “Deliberately chose to have sex with Mr. Darmanin in order to re-investigate her criminal case”. The dismissal is being challenged on appeal on Tuesday.

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What the complainant says

To reconsider his 2005 conviction, Ms. Patterson-Spotts contacted several others, including the UMP, where he met Mr. Met Dharman. According to her, the chosen one invites her to the restaurant and she accepts to plead the case. At dinner, he allegedly promised his help, then “took her hand”, and said, “Me too, you have to help me”.
She says she then felt “held hostage” and was “forced” to follow him to the libertine club and then to a hotel.

He didn’t leave for half an hour to fetch her beauty products as per her request. “I should never have found myself in this situation. It’s over. I failed to move and get out,” Ms Patterson-Spotts said during the March 2021 standoff. In his expression, he “goes to Pan”, albeit Gerald Dorman’s “I understood at all levels that I did not like him”. Her ex-husband and his best friend testified that she immediately indicated to them that she felt “obliged” to have this sexual relationship.

The main exchange of the file, Mrs. Patterson-Spotts wrote this SMS to Gerald Tarmanin: “Abusing one’s position. To me, that’s a dirty fool (…) I tried to get along with you. To take care of my file”. “You’re right, I’m an idiot. How can you forgive me?”He answers.
Ms. Patterson-Spatz says she has already denounced the facts to the UMP.

Here’s what Gerald Dorman says

During the March 2021 confrontation, Mr Patterson-Spotts said it was Ms Patterson-Spotts who had “moved on” from the dinner, which had “excited” her. Dormanin assures. Between 2018 and 2021, she presented three different explanations for her famous SMS, where she admits that she was “probably a dirty con”: “She explained to me that she cheated on her husband”, she reasons at first. “I’m talking about cheating on my fiancee,” he said. Later during the confrontation in 2021, he did not send the requested letter “in real time”.

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Another possible contradiction is that Mr. Dharmanin confirms that he requested a meeting at the Chancellor’s House, even a “critical review” of the complainant’s file, but explains that it was “not an intervention”. In the conflict, Ms. Patterson-Spatz’s lawyers questioned the minister: “Have you ever had sex with women you could have interfered with?”. “Yes, especially with my current wife,” he replied. “You still have to measure what it is to be wrongly accused, you have to explain to your parents what happened, because it’s true, I lived it as a teenager”, a- he said in July.

Mr. Dharman’s investigation into “abuse of weakness” was closed in 2018 without further action. A resident of Tourcoing (North) has accused her former mayor of soliciting sexual favors for accommodation.

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