Lena’s disappearance in France: judicial information on ‘abduction or isolation’

The two trial judges were jointly seized”Abduction or quarantine“In the missing case, in France, in Bas-Rhin Lina, we have not heard from a 15-year-old girl for more than a week, prosecutors from Saverne and Strasbourg said in a joint press release on Sunday.

The Saverne public prosecutor’s office, which had been efficient until then, abdicated responsibility in favor of Strasbourg, which launched a judicial investigation.Number of kidnappings or quarantines for more than seven days“, according to the prosecutors of Saverne, Aline Clérot and Strasbourg, Yolande Renzi.

Two trial judges from Strasbourg will now lead the trials, they said. “An investigation was conducted into the disappearance […] Lina […] After more than seven days of intense search, the girl could not be found“, rewrite the two magistrates.

Adolescent girl with no history of enrollment in CAPPersonal assistance“, Lena disappeared in the early hours of Saturday, September 23. She was walking three kilometers from her home to the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station, her usual journey to take the train. Join her boyfriend in Strasbourg.

Two witnesses say they saw him walking on Department Road around 11:15 am.

A few minutes later, his cell phone stopped ringing. After that, nothing happened despite a search warrant issued the next day and intensive searches and investigations: citizen searches, watersheds, witness interviews and a careful inspection of a home in Plain this weekend.

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