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Update status at end of day on Tuesday, February 5

  • “soon” For Ukraine against Russia, Trump has warned Biden

The US President urged the US Congress to urgently approve a new package for Ukraine and Israel and toughen US migration policy. “To support this bill is to oppose Putin. To oppose it is to play the game.” of the Russian President. Since Sunday, Donald Trump and his allies have been mobilizing to bury the move.

  • situation “very difficult” And “Important in Places” has Avdivka

Vitaly Barabash, the mayor of Avtivka, which has been the target of a large-scale Russian offensive for months, announced the situation on Tuesday. “Important in Places”with the first “Street Fights” Isolated with groups of Russian soldiers. Ukrainian army “Continually repulses the enemy trying to encircle Avdivka”Ukrainian civil servants report.

  • Host Tucker Carlson, close to Trump, announced that he would be interviewing Putin

The conservative host announced Tuesday that he will soon interview Vladimir Putin. Taking a hostile stance towards the mainstream media, he asserts that people in English-speaking countries are poorly informed about the war in Ukraine and its aftermath.

  • Ukraine attacked a Russian complex in the Black Sea

Ukrainian special forces attacked a captured oil platform in the Black Sea and were used by the Russians to improve the range of Iranian drones and detect surface objects in the Black Sea. Ukraine says it has decommissioned about 33 percent of Russia's Black Sea fleet since the war began.

  • Raffaele Croci says he has “Many Questions” Ask the Russians who control the Zaporizhia power plant
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The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) lamented that only his experts, some of whom are permanently at the plant, have access. “area” For installations, that too “gradually expands”. On Thursday, the IAEA announced that the Russians are now denying access to employees of Energoatom, the Ukrainian national operator.

  • Volodymyr Zelensky announces a formation “Strength for Drones” within the armed forces

Running low on ammunition, Ukraine is trying to compensate by building an army of drones. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced in December 2023 that Ukraine would produce one million drones by 2024.

  • Joseph Borrell visits an EU-funded training center near Kyiv

The European diplomatic chief is in Kyiv on a two-day visit. He attended a series of exercises conducted by Ukrainian forces near Kiev, including ten gendarmerie or national guard officers from France, Spain, Portugal and Lithuania.

  • Norway Denies Asylum to Alleged Wagner Group Dropout Andriy Medvedev

This 27-year-old Russian took refuge in the Scandinavian country in January 2023 in an epic situation.

  • Russian spies were found among the employees of the Ukrainian special services

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) dismantled a network of Russian FSB agents that included current and former Ukrainian special service officers.

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