Israel: Two months after the Hamas attack, residents want to testify so that no one forgets what happened on October 7.

The war in Gaza has begun Two months ago, October 7, after the Hamas attack, the group was qualified as a terrorist organization by Europe and the United States. The Israeli response is still ongoing and an RTBF team consisting of Eric Destiney, Josephine Turley and Daniel Fontaine went to the border between Israel and Gaza to see what the current situation is. It is a vast military zone, guarded by soldiers, soldiers and the sound of battle is almost constant. There is a genuine desire on the site to testify and pass on so that no one forgets what happened on October 7th. That’s the challenge in Israel in the face of a threat that many we met described as “existential.”

In Kibbutz Biri, 4 km from the Gaza Strip, it is a beaten place. “Hamas burned my house, Hamas almost killed me and my family. Hamas killed my neighbor and 90 other residents of Biri. In one day, I understood that if I was still alive, it would be to tell our story.”Miri Gad Meshika, a resident of Kibbutz Biri, explains. Before the attack, 1200 people lived here. Two months later, the village is in the center of a military zone.

Amit Solvi, head of Kibbutz Biri, who lost his sister on October 7, dreams of visiting this place where he always lived: “Some of our residents no longer want to put their families in the face of this devil. But the majority will come back. It will take years.”According to him.

There are Israeli soldiers Reim, the site of a music festival that killed 260 people on October 7. Michael is a reservist in the Israeli army who lost 3 friends that day. “These people were defenseless in the face of this attack. They came out of nowhere and attacked unarmed civilians who came to a music festival to celebrate life. They have no chance to fight back. They have no way to fight back. And I’m here to fight back.”, he says. According to him, all actions of the Israeli army are justified: “There’s no letting out anger. I stopped being angry. It’s survival for us. That’s all.”He concludes.

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