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In 2019, the famous Sicilian Hill candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Scala de Turci” was destroyed by red powder and apparently iron oxide from Friday to Saturday, according to the Guardian.

The drone shots above show the extent of the devastating damage on the rock face of the “Turkish stairs”.

“The magnificent white Marl Hill of the Scala de Turci in the Aguirre region, which attracts visitors from all over the world, has been shamefully ruined,” lamented Sicilian President Nோlo Mussemai. “We condemn those who committed this cowardly act. This is not only a rare beauty, but also an outrage to the image of our island. I hope justice will soon identify those responsible, ”he added.

An investigation into the damage has been launched. The used item is tested in the hopes of finding its latest sale and will find it again for its buyer (s).

The motives of the saboteurs (s) were not immediately mentioned.

Cleaning work began this weekend. The used material is very easy to remove because the sea took care of it to some extent. According to the last sent photos, the process is now complete.

Affected by natural erosion and tourism, the cliff has not always been well preserved.




Technicians and volunteers in the cleaning work

Technicians and volunteers in the cleaning work © EPA





The traces are now gone

The traces are now gone © EPA

In the summer of 2021

In the summer of 2021 © AB

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