Kyurem’s best moveset in Pokemon Go and is it good?

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Here’s an overview of Kyurem’s best moveset in Pokemon Go, as well as whether this legendary is useful in PvP.

The Unova region has provided Pokemon fans with some of the most powerful legends to ever exist in the long-running series. Dragon/Ice-type Pokemon Kyurem fall into this category.

Those who managed to take down this Pokemon in Raids may be looking at how to get the most out of it, since Kyurem can learn several different moves in Pokemon Go.

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Here’s a look at Kyurem’s best moveset in Pokemon Go.

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Best moveset for Kyurem in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players should equip Kyurem with Dragon Breath as a fast move, with Glaciate and Dragon Claw as charged moves.

As a dual Dragon/Ice-type Pokemon, Kyurem can make good use of its Dragon and Ice moves. Dragon Breath acts as a STAB option and performs as a better option than Steel Wing, even though the latter has a higher DPS and the same EPS.

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Kyurem can only use two of the four charged moves, all of which are either Dragon or Ice-type. Both Dragon Claw and Glaciate offer low costs to Pokemon Go players and both get the coveted STAB bonus.

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All the moves Kyurem can learn in Pokemon Go

Here’s an overview of all the moves Kyurem can learn in Pokemon Go:

Fast movements

  • Dragon’s Breath (Dragon)
  • steel wing (steel)

Charged moves

  • Dragon Claw (Dragon)
  • Draco Meter (Dragon)
  • blizzard (ice)
  • icy (ice)

Is Curem good?

As a legendary, one would expect Kyurem to have a heavy hit in Pokemon Go. This is very much true.

Kyurem ranks as one of the best Pokemon to use in Master League. for every PvPokeXL Kyurem is ranked #8 in the Master League power rankings as of December 2023, and is almost unrivaled among Dragon types with the exception of Zygarde, Dragonite, and Giratina.

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Kyurem is also one of the best Pokemon to use in Ultra League. However, it works best in the Master League format.

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