Kevin Spacey returns to the stage for an event covering cancel culture

Do you like it or not, Kevin Spacey He plans his return. for every Watchman, The two-time Oscar winner returned to the stage to perform a Shakespearean spectacle at an event tackling cancel culture, his first performance since his acquittal of sexual assault in the UK.

At Oxford University’s Sheldonian Theatre, Spacey performed a five-minute scene from a film Timon of Athens During a lecture held in memory of the late conservative philosopher Roger Scruton. British conservative columnist Douglas Murray He invited Spacey to perform at the lecture, which covered “What Shakespeare Can Teach Us About Cancel Culture,” and delivered remarks before the Oscar winner took the stage. After the performance, Spacey received a standing ovation from the audience.

The offer came a few days after it was reported that the Prince Charles Cinema in London had canceled its offer to host the premiere of Spacey’s latest film. He controls. While Spacey does not appear physically controls, He provides the voice of a villain who remotely hijacks a self-driving car. After learning about Spacey’s role in the film, the president of the cinema Greg Lynn He wrote an email to one of the project’s producers, lauren metcalf, With excerpts Published in Telegraph: “We learned last night that your film features Kevin Spacey, particularly his first film since the lawsuit. My team and I are terrified that we will be mentioned at the same time as his new film premieres.

In July, Spacey was acquitted of sexually assaulting four men between 2001 and 2013, a period during which he was artistic director of the Old Vic. Spacey faced nine charges, including seven counts of sexual assault, one count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, and one count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent. The trial lasted four weeks, and the maximum penalty for the most serious charge was life imprisonment. The acquittal followed a 2022 US court ruling that dismissed separate sexual allegations in a civil case.

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Spacey has been pushed out of mainstream Hollywood since 2017, when he was a Broadway actor Anthony Rapp He accused Spacey of sexually harassing him at a house party in 1986, when Rapp was just 14 years old. (Spacey issued a statement) Apology (Rapp, but confirmed that he did not remember the alleged interaction that occurred.) After the allegation came to light, Spacey was removed from the film. All the money in the world He was replaced by the late Christopher Plummer. He has appeared in independent films ever since, and was awarded the Stella della Moli Award at Italy’s National Film Museum in Turin earlier this year.

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