Will Smith: What Actor Academy’s resignation means for future Oscars after slapping Chris Rock

will Smith quit the academy After Chris Rock was slapped at the Oscars – but what does that mean for the actor?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is the organization that determines the nominations and ultimately decides the winners of the Academy Awards each year.

There are approximately 10,000 members, each of whom are expected to “advance the arts and sciences of motion pictures”.

Five days after the incident at the 2022 Academy Awards that saw Smith walk on stage and slap Rock, after comedian Jada Pinkett Smith taunted him, he announced he was stepping down as a member.

This came on the heels of several reports that the actor faced disciplinary action by the academy.

But what does this mean now for Smith?

First, Smith will retain the Oscar for Best Actor, which he won for King Richard in the wake of the rock hit. I apologize to the academy during a Crying acceptance letter.

Resigning will not prevent Smith from attending future Oscar ceremonies, which means the actor may return in 2023 to perform for Best Actress. Traditionally, all acting winners come back in the previous year to announce who will replace them as the latest Grand Prize winners.

If Smith gives another performance that Academy members think is worthy of competing for an Academy Award, they can still nominate him, meaning Smith could win more Academy Awards.

All the resignation means for Smith is that he will not have a say in which films can be nominated or won in the future. However, Academy President David Rubin said: “We will continue to proceed with our disciplinary action against Mr. Smith for violation of the Academy’s standards of conduct, prior to the next Board meeting scheduled for April 18.”

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Will Smith resigned from the Academy after defeating Chris Rock at the Academy Awards

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In a statement, Smith called his actions “shocking, distressing and unforgivable” and said he would accept any “other consequences” that the Academy may still decide.

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Read the representative’s resignation letter in full here.

The impetus for Smith’s rock hit was the belief that the comedian, who referred to Pinkett Smith as “J.I. Jane” for shaving her head, was mocking her alopecia diagnosis.

while rock has He said he was “still processing what happened.” At the party, a source close to the comedian He said, “He has no idea.” Pinkett Smith was suffering from hair loss.

On Friday (April 1), Denzel Washington spoke about the incident, Explains why he thought Smith felt compelled to hit rock at this moment.

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