Josh Dobbs’ Vikings win just gets crazier and crazier with post-game videos and stories

Former Vol Josh Dobbs with the Minnesota Vikings. Photo via Josh Dobbs (@JoshDobbs)/Minnesota Vikings on Instagram.
“It is difficult to defeat a man who refuses to give up,” Dobbs wrote. Instagram After the win over Atlanta.

Former Tennessee Vol and current Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs is one of the biggest talking points to come out of the NFL on Sunday.

Heck, we here at Rocky Top Insider wrote about his game-winning drive over Atlanta on Sunday afternoon and we were already back talking about it on Monday morning.

The videos that came out of Minnesota throughout the evening and the stories that game-winning Vikings writers shared as they put the pieces of the game together are nothing short of inspiring.

Dobbs, who started for the Arizona Cardinals through the first eight games of the season, was traded to Minnesota last Tuesday night and wasn’t supposed to play Sunday … until he did. Vikings starter Jarren Hall suffered a concussion in the first quarter of the game, leading to the Georgia native taking over in Atlanta.

The former Vol had to practice his snap rhythm with the Vikings offensive lineman on the sideline before rushing into the game.

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It wasn’t just about the surprise count. According to Vikings beat writer Alec Lewis, Minnesota head coach Kevin O’Connell was legitimately breaking down play calls and concepts seconds before Dobbs picked up his helmet. AstroDobbs, as fans in Tennessee know him, was up to the challenge as one of the smartest players in the league.

O’Connell couldn’t help but praise the Vikings quarterback in the final seconds of the game. Dobbs threw the game-winning touchdown pass with 20 seconds left after converting a fourth-down play with his legs that was reminiscent of his heyday in Knoxville to extend a drive.

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Dobbs finished the game 20 out of 30 passes for 158 yards, two passing touchdowns, 66 yards rushing, and one rushing touchdown.

Dobbs, who likely conducted the round of postgame interviews, was one of the last people in the Vikings’ locker room after the game. But it was Coach O’Connell who made sure his players made Dobbs feel welcome. The video below has received nearly 4 million views on social media.

Dobbs was partying with humans whose full name he didn’t even know. This is football, people.

After the game was over and the post-game celebration was over, Dobbs took to the podium to answer questions from the media present at the game. Dobbs was in his usual competitive, humble mode as he conveyed his perspective on the story that was unfolding before him.

The Arizona Cardinals couldn’t even get a Josh Dobbs jersey in their team store until Dobbs led the Cardinals to a win over Dallas in Week 3 of the season. A sad move from a franchise that truly embodies Kevin from The Office spilling chili peppers for the vast majority of the year.

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Minnesota, however? The Vikings were ready. Next to star wide receiver Justin Jefferson is none other than former Vol. Josh Dobbs.

Other highlights from the game and celebration? How about Warren Moon shouting:

“Dobbs it is.”

Here’s another look at the game-winning drive from Josh Dobbs on Sunday in Atlanta.

Dobbs’ victory came just 26 miles from his hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia, and 200 miles from his college town of Knoxville, Tennessee.

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