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Negotiating a record contract extension for Nick Bosa was not easy for 49ers general manager John Lynch and the front office.

The NFL Defensive Player of the Year’s 44-day contract expired on Wednesday and the defensive star put pen to paper on Friday morning.

After Bosa officially signed his record-setting five-year, $170 million extension, Lynch joined KNBR 680 “Morph and Mack” Friday morning where he discussed the complex operation. Lynch was asked if there were times when he had to control his emotions and not take things personally during frustrating negotiations, and he admitted it was difficult, but he received advice from former Golden State Warriors manager and close personal friend Bob Myers.

“I would be lying if human nature didn’t step in,” Lynch said. “Nick was represented well by a very talented agent. He’s tough, and he’s aggressive. I’d like to say we were here one day, and that’s beyond his agent’s scope, but a little shoutout to my dear friend Bob Myers. There was one ‘when we hit a dead end.’ Bob called and Parag Marath happened to be in my office and had really good advice. Sometimes we need an outside perspective and I think that kind of kept us going.

“There were a lot of people and I don’t want to downplay the internal issues [discussions], a lot of people were working on this… but I appreciate it so much, you need friends when you’re struggling. I thought about it last night, at a time when we were both really down, Bob called and he had a really nice point.

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Lynch pointed out that the impasse that occurred during the 24 hours that preceded the agreement was related to the language of the contract, not the final numbers, but the two sides were able to overcome the obstacle and reach an agreement.

“Language over the last 24 hours,” Lynch revealed. “You finish these things and then it’s fine… Everything gets leaked these days, and I think — I’m not throwing shade — but whatever happened, it was leaked and you still have to revise the language. And in a historic decade like this, “There’s going to be some analysis of all of that. There was a little bit of a delay in the end on that. Before that, it was just everything. They were going to be comprehensive, and we were going to be comprehensive.”

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about negotiating lucrative contracts, it’s Myers, who has made deals for players like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and many others throughout his 11 seasons as the Warriors’ general manager.

After stepping down from his position with Golden State in May, it appears Myers still plays a role in helping keep the biggest stars at bay for years to come.

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