Jean-Claude Van Damme says he’s ‘ashamed’ to appear in ‘Friends’ movie – The Hollywood Reporter

Many stars have appeared on the hit show friends throughout its run, but Jean-Claude Van Damme thought his one-episode stint in 1996 was too embarrassing.

In the episode titled “The One After the Super Bowl: Part 2,” the actor played opposite Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, and Monica, played by Courteney Cox. In the episode, Rachel and Monica take a liking to Jean-Claude Van Damme after he starts filming a movie in New York City. But when Rachel approaches him first because Monica is too shy, it leads to a fight between the pair over who gets to go on a date with him.

Now, looking back, Van Dam told… New York Post In a recent interview, “My acting is so bad. I look like a ham. Like, ‘Hey girls.’ … It’s like I’m ashamed of myself. So, I was on set, and these girls went up and kissed me, and kissed me on the lips. I didn’t know “What do I do, how do I do it…it was weird. She was so nice.”

(LR) Courteney Cox, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Jennifer Aniston

Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Van Damme admitted that he actually didn’t know much about the series, which ran from 1994 to 2004, before appearing in its second season.

“So, when I go to the show, I see these two beautiful girls, and they say this is the most exciting show in the world right now. So, I was very happy.” Kickboxing The star remembers. “And my agent said, ‘You should do an episode with them.’ So I’m going to play this guy.

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Although he’s not the biggest fan of his appearance on the series, the actor said the overall experience “was a good memory.”

“They were very open because they presented the show every day. “For them, I walk into a place where everything works like a well-trained mechanical engine,” he added. “It was great.”

friends It also starred Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc.

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