“It’s no-nonsense, it’s impeccable and so functional!”

The landlord demands that the tenant remove the fitted kitchen she had installed in her home fifteen years ago. Voice of the North.

High and low white furniture, drawers and a turnstile for some, an oven, a four-burner hob, a dishwasher, a fridge and a freezer, a workbench and a credenza: this is offered on holiday, free of charge, in Denis La Chapelle-d’Armentières. Dervaux to the future tenant of his house in The nearly 90-year-old Chappellois, who came to the community home fifteen years ago, left it for a nursing home a few weeks ago.


Her son vacated the house and did a preliminary inventory with the landlord this week. And he fell from the clouds. “The tenant has to remove the kitchen (…). No matter how much I explained to her that we want to leave everything for free, the lady refused. She told me that there is no guarantee that she will catch. On the other hand, she accepted that we leave the cupboards in the cellar. This is inconsistent. Dominique Dervaux immediately tried to reach someone at the donor headquarters. “I called four times on Tuesday and the woman still hasn’t called me back,” the son explained to us Saturday morning. Alerted, Chapelleois assistant for social affairs, Fabien Delboux, also tried to contact the tenant. In vain.

“That doesn’t make sense, why not let the next tenants, who don’t have a lot of resources, come in with a fully equipped kitchen?”

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“It’s an impeccable kitchen, very functional, which I had installed to replace the crappy sink and small furniture that was there when Schmidt arrived,” says Non. A kitchen is still in good condition. “We still have the bill if needed,” says Chappellois. Dominique Dervaux is angry today. “I have a lot of people interested in this kitchen and willing to come and unload it, but it’s pointless. Why not let future tenants, who don’t have a lot of resources, come in with a fully equipped kitchen? »

According to Dominic and his mother, the problem is common to all social landlords. They recognize in good faith that this is clearly stated in the official documents: “If you have installed a fitted kitchen, it must be removed and the room restored to its original condition. “My sister-in-law faced the same problem when she moved into a nursing home,” says Denise. “Neighbors told me that the landlord was withholding €1,500 from the neighbor who left the kitchen. “Except that Dervaux can’t resign themselves. “It’s too bad, we’ll go all the way. » The accommodation should be vacated at the end of the month. With or without a kitchen, the tenant decides. Without it, the tenant recalled the tenant’s son on Monday. “I have one more week to dismantle the kitchen and restore it”, summed up, bitterly, Dominique Dervaux. “It is important to testify, the problem is with others and it is a mutation. »

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