“It’s enough to make me swoon”

On a trip to Las Vegas, this client won’t soon forget a hotel stay in the American city. When he opens the minibar in his room, he almost faints when he sees the exorbitant prices of alcohol, soft drinks or snacks. Of these, a sum of $31 (or 28 euros) was charged per liter of water. “Enough to knock me unconscious,” he told reporters at the Sun. But the most expensive item was the 200 ml Patron bottle, which came in at $75 (69 euros).

“It’s not easy to find these prices,” he says. “There’s no sign printed next to the fridge that says your wallet will empty faster than Russian chili.” Shocked by his discovery, he decided to share his story on social networks and provoked many reactions.

Among internet users, one described his misadventure at another American hotel. “I was at an MGM area resort where there are advanced minibars that use sensors that detect when an item is moved or changes in size or weight,” he said.

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