Israel-Hamas war: Israeli army airs videos showing hostages at al-Sifa hospital (VIDEO)

In one video, a man can be seen being carried away on a stretcher surrounded by several men, at least four of whom are armed. In another, a man appears to struggle as he is pushed down a sidewalk.

“Here we can see that Hamas has a hostage inside,” military spokesman Daniel Hagari commented during a press conference. “We still haven’t found these two hostages,” he added, “and we don’t know where they are.”

The images, whose authenticity AFP could not immediately verify, appear from October 7, 2023, the day the Palestinian Islamist movement launched its attack on Israel, the most violent in the country’s history since 1948, killing About 1,200 people, mostly civilians according to Israeli officials, and about 240 hostages.

In response, Israel vowed to “exterminate” the movement and its army launched a ground operation on October 27 incessantly shelling the small Palestinian territory. But the scale of the destruction has drawn criticism from a section of the international community.

According to the Hamas government, Israeli bombings since October 7 have killed a total of 13,000 people, including more than 5,500 children.

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