Israel-Gaza War: The number of casualties in Gaza has not been cross-checked, a first in the history of the conflict

According to Adele AtiyehAmbassador of the Palestinian Authority to the European Union, “Statistics published in local press or international press are statistics from the Palestinian Ministry of Health. So that’s it Palestinian AuthorityOur organization, which unfortunately counts the dead, publishes Israeli bombing results daily.“.

So the Palestinian Authority has recognized these figures as coming out of its administration in Gaza, among other places. So it is right to mention these figures “Statistics from the Palestinian Ministry of Health”, not “from Hamas”.

The figures depend on some of the most heavily bombed areas of Gaza, to which Palestinian authorities do not have access Monitoring by international organizations explains the representative of the Palestinian Authority. They are workers of a certain United Nations – The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Or OCHA – Those who register injuries and deaths on the ground in coordination with or in parallel with local health services. It is from this compilation of statistics that all United Nations publications are based.

So far, in all conflicts affecting the Palestinian territories, these two resources have been used. However, in this new chapter of the conflict in the Middle East, damage and devastation meant that for the first time, OCHA workers were unable to fully carry out this census work. For now, most of the statistics that reach us come directly from the Palestinian Ministry of Health. They are taken by the United Nations and NGOs such as Médecins Sans Frontières.

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