Israel-Gaza War: Historian Kurt Debeuf Says Hamas’ Aim Is To ‘Torpedo’ Existing Agreements Between Israel And Arab States

So Hamas wants to destabilize the ongoing normalization process between Israel and regional countries. More than just a Palestinian state (Fatah may also be involved in negotiations with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, according to Court Debeub). Hamas will feel excluded from the current negotiations. And no negotiation, either “The Great Camp of David”, The Palestinians (from Fatah, the party in power in the West Bank) will be taken into account (unlike the 1978 accords, Egypt, then the mediator, abandoned Palestine, according to our guest). That would have been disastrous for Hamas. Symbolically, a Palestinian terrorist group in control of Gaza would have scuttled these peace accords as they are currently structured. And ensure that the Arab countries take a stand on this issue…

Riyadh wants the opportunity to defend itself against an Iranian attack

“This attack was so terrible that Hamas knew that the reaction (Israeli, editor’s note) would be really harsh. Images of violence for weeks. The Arab street still supports the Palestinians and cannot accept the implementation of these agreements. “. So it will be Hamas’s bet.

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