Israel-Gaza war: Hamas says Israeli attack on UN-run school kills at least 50, raises ‘horrific images’

The Health Ministry of the Hamas-controlled Gaza government announced Saturday that at least 50 people were killed in an Israeli attack on a school housing displaced people in a UN-run refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

This strike happened”At dawn, at Al-Faqura School“, a ministry official told AFP. Pictures posted on social networks showed bodies, some bloodied, others dust, on the floors of the building, with mattresses installed under schoolchildren’s desks.

The BBC is currently investigating the footage. “Many people, including women and children, can be seen seriously injured or lying motionless on the ground in various parts of the building. More than 20 victims are seen in the images, half of them in a specific room on the ground floor, which also shows signs of significant damage.Analyzes the British media.Weather found in the video with today’s weather forecast and no previous version of the video found online.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says it is investigating unconfirmed reports of dozens of deaths at a UN school in Gaza.

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