Israel-Gaza War: 'Gaza's Population Between Hunger and Despair', 'Protracted Conflict', 'Netanyahu Like Hitler', Updates This Wednesday, December 27

This Wednesday, the Israeli army continued its strikes in the besieged Gaza Strip, where the war against Hamas will continue for “many more months”, despite calling for a cease-fire to allow aid and humanitarian aid to the people of the Palestinian territories. The attacks killed 20 people in Khan Yunis and cut off electricity
Telecommunications complicated the work of Palestinian relief workers.

Echoing the words of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who reaffirmed his determination to eliminate Hamas this week, Israel's army chief of staff, Herzey Halevi, declared that the war would last for months and warned that there was no “magical solution”.

The United Nations on Tuesday evening appointed Dutch Sigrid Kak to the post of Assistant Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs and Reconstruction, nearly three months after the start of a war sparked by a bloody October 7 attack by the Palestinian Islamic Movement in Israel. Gaza

Several shipping companies have announced that they are returning their ships to the Red Sea.

The population of the Gaza Strip is “at grave risk”, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) insisted on Wednesday, stressing that hunger and desperation are worsening in the war-torn Palestinian territory.

Before the shock announcements, Turkish President Erdogan Believed that there was no difference between Hitler and Netanyahu.

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