Is global GDP melting in the heat? Our economy is already affected by climate change.

Fires spreading across the world, burning logs, floods destroying everything in their path. The planet has been hit hard by a series of natural calamities. According to climatologists, these realities caused by climate change will inevitably intensify in the coming years. This is not without consequences for populations, wildlife and the global economy.

Recent heat waves may have cost 0.6% of global GDP, according to a study by AllianceTrade. “A day of extreme heat, above 32 degrees, is equivalent to half a day’s strike“, the insurer insists. On the one hand, this is a drop in productivity and high material losses in developed countries. On the other hand, human losses in developing countries.

The authors of this report also say “Globally, heat stress is expected to reduce global working hours by 2.2%, equivalent to 88 million full-time jobs.“. Extreme weather events have negative impacts that vary by geographic region.

We asked economist Philippe Ledent about the study, the current situation and future solutions the world must follow.

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